Ozone oxidation technology helps deodorize and disinfect waste stations

The odor of volatile organic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia emitted during the storage, transportation and transit of municipal wastes is emitted in the air, causing great troubles to the living environment and working environment of surrounding residents and environmental workers. Produces serious harmful pollution to the environment. Deodorization and disinfection of garbage are of great significance to protect the living environment of surrounding residents and the working environmental of workers.

Ozone oxidation technology –no longer suffers from odor

As a strong oxidizing substance in the natural world, ozone can oxidize most bacteria and viruses, and there is no secondary pollution. Ozone generator has five advantages in the use of waste stations. 1. Low investment, 2. Low operating cost. 3, Simple  operation. 4, High deodorization efficiency, 5, Disinfection.

Principle of ozone technology to oxidation and odor removal:

The high-concentration oxidized molecules produced by the ozone generator react with molecules such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, organic amines, thiols, and thioethers produced by the odor, destroying their organelles DNA and RNA, finally destroying and decomposing the metabolism of odor cells. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can oxidize various organic and inorganic substances. By using the characteristics of strong oxidation of ozone, a certain concentration of ozone is put into the air to form oxidation and odor elimination, and the deodorization effect is achieved.

Advantages of ozone deodorization:

1. Ozone is a direct and active decomposition reaction with odor, without secondary pollution. It is a green disinfectant that replaces the chemical spray method of traditional plant flavors.

2, In addition to deodorization can also be sterilized, since ozone is a strong oxidant. In the process of deodorization, the bacterial virus is simultaneously oxidized and eliminated. Ozone is easily soluble in water, Using ozone water to wash ground, walls, and transport vehicles can achieve good disinfection.

3, Ozone deodorization efficiency is high, in a certain space and ozone concentration, the entire decomposition and oxidation process of ozone is completed at an extremely short time. Ozone is a fluid gas that can be disinfected at 360 degrees without dead angles, avoiding the disadvantages of other disinfection methods, and improving the efficiency of the entire disinfection work.

Post time: Aug-17-2019