• Ozone Generator Against Coronavirus

    Ozone Generator Against Coronavirus

    Ozone Generator Against Coronavirus Ozone is a powerful natrual disinfectant, it has fungicidal properties and is capable of destroying all kinds of toxins, bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 present in an environment, purifying the air with each application.  
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  • Holidays Closure Schedule

    Holidays Closure Schedule

    Dear customers, Since Chinese New Year drawing near, people of Dino Puriciation will be spending meaningful time with close family and friends, we are preparing close for the coming holidays. Please find our holiday closure schedule below: Dino Purification Co.,Ltd will be closed from Jan. 30th t...
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    Do you want to get rid of annoying odors in your car? DINO Ozone Generator can help. DINO Purification has recently developed an ozone generator for cars. This new model works with 12 volt socket, just plug it in car, it can destroy pet, cigarette smoke, food and gas odors. Importantly, it can re...
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  • Ozone Generator for Aquarium

    Ozone Generator for Aquarium

    DINO ozone generator is widely used in aquarium. It improves indoor fish and reef tank maintenace, and provides all natural and safe anti-micorbial disinfection solution. Ozone can change cloudy or discolored appearance of your aquarium which often caused by fish food residue, aquatic waste, and ...
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  • Safest ways to use ozone geneator

    Safest ways to use ozone geneator

    The safest way to use ozone generators is in a space that is unoccupied. Ascertain that there are no humans or animals in the house and remove all indoor plants before starting the ozone machine. In some cases, ozone machines can be safely used at home in low concentrations and safe levels as spe...
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  • Ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer is helpful for health

    Ozone fruit and vegetable sterilizer is helpful for health

    In our daily life, many foods in the market are cultivated using chemical fertilizer which is used to keep food insecticide-free to increase the production of the crops. If people consume the goods cultivated using chemicals or fertilizer, it will affect people’s health. Even organic foods need s...
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  • Happy National Day & Mid Autumn Festival!!

    Happy National Day & Mid Autumn Festival!!

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  • Schools need Ozone Generator

    Schools need Ozone Generator

    Since new school term has begun, school sanitation is very important. In addition to every day cleaning,  ozone sterilization after school is highly recommended.  Ozone can prevent harmful bacteria and viruses and micro-organisms from spreading around the school building and onto furniture and eq...
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  • DINO Ozone Water System

    DINO Ozone Water System

    Dino Purification’s latest portable ozone water system is an innovative solution for private and commercial application. It can output ozone water directly as soon as water tap is connected.  It helps you to clean and disinfect using water. At the same time, it can reduce water consumption...
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  • We Care Your Health

    We Care Your Health

    Under recent scorching temperature in Southern China, People from Dino Purification are still working hard to ensure each order does not miss the timeline even though having big demand orders. We are desperate to help our customers to get reliable ozone sterilizing equipments wherever they are du...
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  • Ozone Can Be Used to Destroy Coronavirus

    Ozone Can Be Used to Destroy Coronavirus

    Coronaviruses are classified as ‘enveloped viruses’. which are typically more susceptible to ‘Physico-chemical challenges’.In other words, they don’t like being exposed to ozone. Ozone destroys this type of virus by breaking through the outer shell into the core, res...
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