Elimination of flies and mosquitoes

Whatever the type and location of the facilities (restaurants, cafeterias, food stores, etc.), the appearance in them of a certain number of undesirable insects that can become a pest is inevitable , especially in the case from flies and mosquitoes .It is a fact that these insects are one of the main carriers of diseases throughout the world.

The ozone, as a powerful disinfectant, is very effective in removing all types of odors , resulting in an ideal system for deodorizing the spot in this regard.

The fact of eliminating odors helps to avoid the claim effect that these have for pests , since smell is one of the crucial senses for the survival of animals. This sense allows them not only to provide for a livelihood, locating food sources, but is also responsible for the attraction and location of suitable pairs when reproducing.

It is, therefore, confirmed that the elimination of odors in certain premises makes that pests do not appear in them , is nothing but common sense. That is, by eliminating the attractant -the smell of food or its remains, odors of origin, human, etc., a source of food for both rodents and insects-, the risk that, pushed by that smell, they arrive unwanted “visitors” to the premises.

In this way, the installation of ozone generator, combined with good hygiene practices (cleaning and disinfection), can ensure that no plague of any kind is declared in the treated facilities.

Post time: Mar-05-2021