Ozone generator in the laundry

In recent years, there have been more and more self-service laundries. During the self-service laundry period, you can go shopping and eating. When you come back, you can get it back and make people’s lives more convenient.

However, there are still many people who can’t accept it. The health problem of public washing machines is the most concerned issue for everyone. After the last washing, the washing machine has not been disinfected, will it be infected with bacteria and viruses? many people are worried about this.

How to ensure health and safety? Take a look at the application of the ozone generator in the laundry:

Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability, is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and rapid disinfectant, and has a strong oxidation effect on various bacteria and viruses. The raw material of ozone is ambient air. After disinfection, it will be decomposed into oxygen and has no residue. It is a green disinfectant.

After using, the washing machine door will be closed, which will breed bacteria in the washing machine. Using ozone to disinfect, can prevent bacteria breeding and kill bacteria and viruses inside.

Improve air quality: The laundry is a place where people flow. Some people will take socks and sweaty clothes to wash. It is easy to pass out odors and affect other people. After the ozone is disinfected, the air is particularly fresh feel like after the rain.

Ozone effectively decomposes oil, solves the problem that oil stains are difficult to decompose by general chemical disinfectants, and reduces the use of bleach.

At present, most washing powders contain chlorine, although chlorine can kill bacteria during the washing process. However, using too much chlorine can damage clothing. The bactericidal ability of ozone is 150 times that of chlorine, and the sterilization speed is faster than chlorine. Therefore, the use of ozone can reduce the use of washing powder.

Reduce the pollution of washing water: Ozone can oxidize bacteria, microorganisms and organic matter in water, reduce COD and improve drainage quality.

Using Dino Purification’s ozone generators in the laundry could eliminate customers’ concerns about health problems, reduce the use of chemical disinfectants, improve drainage quality, and protect the ecological environment.

Post time: Jul-16-2019