Application of ozone – industrial waste gas treatment

Air pollution has always been one of the key national projects, and industrial waste gas is an important air pollutant. Industrial waste gas refers to various air pollutants generated in the production process, directly discharge into the air is very harmful to the environment. If humans, animals and plants inhale excessive exhaust gas, it will directly affect health.

The main sources of industrial waste gas: chemical gases discharged from chemical plants, rubber plants, plastics factories, paint plants, etc., contain many types of pollutants, complex physical and chemical properties, harmful gases including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, a stream Alcohols, sulfides, VOCs, etc., are extremely harmful to humans.

Waste gas treatment methods:

1. Microbial decomposition method, which is high treatment efficiency, but the treated gas is single, and the labor and operation cost are high.

2, Activated carbon adsorption method, adsorption of exhaust gas through the internal structure of activated carbon, easy to saturate, need to be replaced frequently.

3, Combustion method, easy to produce secondary pollution, high cleaning costs.

4. Condensation method, high operating cost, used as adsorption exhaust gas.

Ozonolysis method:

Ozone is a strong oxidant that has a strong oxidation effect on organic matter, and has a strong decomposing effect on malodorous gases and other irritating odors.

In the process of exhaust gas treatment, the strong oxidizing property of ozone is applied, and molecular bonds in the exhaust gas are decomposed to destroy the DNA of the exhaust gas molecules. The oxidation reaction of ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. in the exhaust gas causes decomposition and fission of the gas, and the organic substance becomes an inorganic compound, water and a non-toxic substance, thereby purifying the exhaust gas.

Ozone is mainly produced by using air or oxygen as a raw material, and then generated by corona discharge technology, without consumables, so the application cost is low. The treatment of exhaust gas uses the extremely strong oxidizing property of ozone, destroys the molecular structure of the decomposed gas, ozone will break down into oxygen after decomposition, does not leave secondary pollution. At a certain concentration, the disinfection process is extremely fast, ozone generator is one of the best solutions for treating exhaust gases.


Post time: Aug-17-2019