Ozone technology is used in restaurants and fruits

With the continuous advancement of fruit and vegetable cultivation techniques, in order to prevent pests and shorten the growth cycle, most fruits and vegetables use pesticides and fertilizers during planting. Long-term consumption of foods with pesticide residues will have a certain impact on people’s health.

Today, the competition in the catering industry is fierce. People’s requirements for restaurants are not only the delicious taste of food, but also concern about food safety.

Therefore, the restaurant disinfects the raw materials of food, not only can ensure the safety of food, but also enhance the reputation of the restaurant, bring a better dining experience to customers, and enhance customer loyalty to the restaurant.

Many restaurants usually only wash or soak fruits and vegetables with water, which can only remove dirt on fruits and vegetables, while can not wash away pesticide residues or bacteria.

What should we do? Ozone generator is a good choice.

The ozone machine generates ozone through corona discharge, Using ozone water to clean fruits and vegetables mainly decomposes pesticides and hormones, and preserves deodorizing functions.

1、Ozone is a very strong oxidant that can rapidly oxidize the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. Pesticide is an organic compound. The strong oxidation of ozone destroys the structure of the membrane of agricultural residues, causing chemical changes in pesticides, decomposing them, and finally removing residual pesticides.

2、Preservation and deodorization, ozone kills the bacterial virus on the surface of fruits and vegetables. During the sterilization process, a large amount of oxygen is generated, which increases the oxygen content, making it difficult for the odor-producing substance to produce bad smell in an aerobic environment. Low levels of gaseous ozone can prevent mold deterioration in many stored fresh products. Fruit storage in low-concentration ozone can reduce the incidence of diseases by 95%, so the preservation time will increase.

Advantages of using ozone disinfection equipment

Ozone has the characteristics of good diffusibility, uniform concentration, no dead angle, etc. Ozone is easily soluble in water. It is easily decomposed into oxygen and water after disinfection, leaving no secondary pollution. Ozone is highly oxidizing and can kill most bacteria quickly. Ozone disinfection can replace traditional disinfection methods to ensure food safety for diners.

Post time: Aug-03-2019