Ozone technology guarantees high quality wines

In the wine production process, the sterilization process of wine bottles and stoppers is very important. While the disinfection process is not easy. If the total number of wine colonies is too high, not only cause economic losses to the enterprise, but also brings bad reputation.

In the past, most of the bottles and stoppers used chemical disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, formalin, and sulfur dioxide. Such disinfectants would result in material residue and incomplete sterilization, it would also change the taste of the wine. what’s worse, It may causes allergies to the human body.

In order to guarantee the high quality of wine, it is highly recommended to use ozone instead of the traditional disinfection process. Ozone is known as a green disinfectant and is widely used in the food industry. In the wine production process, ozone can kill bacteria such as E. coli in the air or in water. It is reduced to oxygen after sterilization and there is no chemical residue.

Ozone sterilization application mechanism:

Ozone as an oxidant, using its strong oxidizing property, has a killing effect on bacteria and viruses. Unlike other disinfection methods, ozone disinfection method is active and rapid. At a certain concentration, ozone directly interacts with bacteria & virus, destroys DNA and RNA of its cell wall, decomposes macromolecular polymers such as proteins, lipids and polysaccharides, destroying its metabolism and directly killing, so ozone sterilization is thoroughly.

Application of ozone generators in wineries:

Disinfection of wine bottles and stoppers: Bottles are a place where microbial contamination is more and are one of the key factors to ensure the quality of wine. Cleaning the bottle with tap water is unqualified, because tap water contains a variety of substances, which require further disinfection before use. The use of chemical disinfection is not guaranteed due to residual problems.

1. Rinse the inside of the bottle with ozone water to make it sterile. Disinfect the stopper to ensure that it is not contaminated by bacteria;

2, Disinfection of the air in the factory: due to bacteria in the air, using ozone to disinfect the air is a good choice. Because ozone is a kind of gas with fluidity, it can penetrate everywhere, disinfection has no dead ends, and fast;

3. Disinfect the warehouse. It can reduce the harm of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and mice in the warehouse, and can also prevent various bacteria caused by various environmental changes.

Post time: Aug-12-2019