Ozone is used for disinfection of production water for daily chemical products

The production process of daily chemical products requires a large amount of water, which requires higher standards for process water, while the use of ordinary tap water does not meet the standard. Usually, the production water is taken out in a storage tank or a water tower after several purification processes. However, since the water is easy to reproduce bacteria in the water pool, the connected pipelines also have the growth of microorganisms, so sterilization is required.

Ozone generator – professional sterilization of production water

Ozone sterilization has many advantages, such as: simple equipment installation, low sterilization cost, no consumables, no chemical agents, no other side effects, and has been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.Directly add ozone to the pool or water tower. After the ozone is dissolved in water, it directly oxidizes organic and inorganic substances in the water, and enters the bacterial cells to destroy their DNA and RNA, causing the bacteria to die and achieve the purpose of sterilization. Compared with chlorine, ozone sterilization capacity is 600-3000 times that of chlorine. Compared with other disinfection methods, ozone disinfection speed is extremely fast. After reaching a certain concentration, the speed of ozone killing bacteria is instantaneous.

Since the water is circulating, when it disinfects the water body, at the same time disinfects the places where the microorganisms are easy to grow, such as water storage tanks and pipes, what’s more it also inhibits the growth of bacteria. After ozone is disinfected, it is reduced to oxygen and dissolved in water. It does not remain and has no side effects on the environment.

Ozone disinfection characteristics

1. Wide range of sterilization, almost killing all bacteria;

2. high efficiency, no need for other additives or consumables, in a certain concentration, sterilization is completed in an instant;

3.environmental protection, using air or oxygen as raw materials, after the completion of disinfection, it will be automatically decomposed into oxygen without residue;

4. convenience, simple operation, ozone equipment plug-and-use, can set the time of disinfection, to achieve unmanned operation;

5.economical, compared to other disinfection methods, ozone disinfection without consumables, replacing traditional disinfection methods (such as chemical treatment, heat treatment, UV disinfection), reducing the cost of disinfection;

6.Ozone adaptability is strong, and it is less affected by water temperature and PH value;

7.The running time is short. When using ozone disinfection, the disinfection time is generally 30~60 minutes. After disinfection, the excess oxygen atoms are combined into oxygen molecules after 30 minutes, and the total time is only 60~90 minutes. Disinfection is both time-saving and safe.

Post time: Aug-03-2019