Ozone for workshop purification

Cleaning, disinfection of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic companies is a comprehensive and systematic project. It is not guaranteed by a single project. Therefore, it is very important to understand and rationally apply relevant cleaning and disinfection products. Understanding these things will greatly increase the bargaining chip for food workers to control or reduce some unnecessary risks.

Comparison of methods for cleaning and disinfecting workshops

1. Alcohol disinfection

Advantages: colorless, odorless, and volatile;

Disadvantages: Alcohol is a weak disinfectant, penetration is not strong; killing rate of viruses and spores is low; flammable and explosive, not easy to apply in large areas; high cost and unsafe.

2. UV disinfection

Advantages: simple operation, low price, convenient management, can disinfect and sterilize individual rooms at any time according to production needs, without adding or producing any toxic and harmful substances;

Disadvantages: Irradiation with ultraviolet light, the disinfection effect of ultraviolet light is affected by many factors, such as irradiation intensity, distance, etc., and it is easy to have a disinfection dead angle.

3. Ozone disinfection


High efficiency:

The chemical properties of ozone, the instability and easy decomposition characteristics of the three oxygen atoms, determine its oxidizing ability and bactericidal ability, it’s killing rate of microorganisms such as virus bacteria is extremely high. Therefore, ozone is a highly effective sterilizing agent;

Environmental protection:

The half-life of ozone is about 20 minutes. After sterilization, the excess oxygen atoms are combined into oxygen molecules after 30~40 minutes without any poison residue, so there is no secondary pollution. At the same time, it increases the oxygen content of indoor air, as well as removing odor, mildew, wake-up, from organic substances. It has obvious effects on the anti-mold and anti-insect mites of medicinal materials and other raw materials. what’s more, it improves the cleanliness and quality of the indoor air environment. Therefore ozone was recognized as a clean disinfectant;


Ozone is a broad-spectrum sterilizing agent. At a certain concentration and relatively closed environment, it takes only 30 to 60 minutes to kill the bacteria in the clean room thoroughness without any dead angles, achieving full range of disinfection purposes;


The ozone is introduced into the air-conditioning system for cycle disinfection, which has anti-mildew and anti-clogging effects on the air purification equipment, the filtration system and the medium filter material. it can reduce the aerosol particles suspended and improve the cleanliness of the air, result prolong the purification equipment’s service life and lower operating costs. At the same time, because ozone disinfection does not cause any secondary pollution problems, there is no need to set up ventilation measures for secondary cleaning, which reduces the initial investment of air-conditioning facilities, and saves operating costs;

Easy operation

When disinfecting, ozone is directly introduced into the clean room or the air conditioning system. According to the ozone density request of the clean room, setting disinfection time. It will automatic turn on or shutdown by digital timer. the operation is particularly simple;

Time saving

When using ozone for disinfection, the disinfection process is generally 30~60 minutes. After disinfection, the excess oxygen atoms are combined into oxygen molecules after 30 minutes, the total disinfection can be completed in 60~90 minutes, which saves time and safety.

Why use ozone disinfection?

Ozone is a strong oxidant and bactericide, which sterilization is thorough and rapid without secondary pollution.

Ozone disinfection can block the contamination of food by microorganisms such as bacteria, molds and yeasts. Dino Purification’s ozone device has been used in production workshops of food packaging, filling workshops, cooling workshops by many food production enterprises, effectively improving the food safety level.

Post time: May-14-2019