Ozone disinfection technology plays an important role in poultry farming

Prevention of diseases in broiler culture is an important task. Usually, disinfection should not be underestimated. A slight infection of chickens in the chickens will cause economic losses.

The breeding environment is very important. The manure in the house is prone to produce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane, and odor. If not treated in time, a large amount of harmful gases pose a greater threat to the health of the chicken. It deserves attention.

Ultraviolet sterilization and chemical disinfection are common disinfection methods in the past. With the rapid development of disinfection technology, more and more aquaculture companies now use ozone disinfection technology to ensure safe farming.

Ozone is a strong oxidant that has a strong oxidizing effect against various bacterial viruses, destroying the internal structure of bacteria and causing them to die. Reducing or eliminating various pathogenic microorganisms in the environment plays an important role in the space environment. The ozone has strong fluidity and can be disinfected without dead angles, which makes up for the shortcomings of UV disinfection. The ozone raw materials come from the air, and are self-reduced to oxygen after disinfection. There is no secondary pollution, no harm to the environment. The enterprises can not only greatly reduce chemicals, but also increase aquaculture production.

Which objects need to disinfection in poultry?

Tools such as cages, chutes, and drinking fountains in the house, as well as sacks and vehicles for loading the feed, need to be disinfected regularly to prevent bacterial growth.

Drinking water systems require regular disinfection. There are many biofilms in the drinking water pipeline. Regularly disinfection of water pipes can prevent bacterial growth. The bactericidal ability of ozone is twice that of chlorine. The sterilization speed in water is 600-3000 times faster than chlorine. It can not only completely disinfect, but also degrade harmful components in water and remove impurities such as heavy metals and various organic substances to improve drinking water’s quality and safety.

Workers’ clothes should be disinfected to avoid carrying bacterial viruses into the farming.

Ozone reduces the cost of disinfection for poultry companies

Using the ozone generator regularly disinfected every day, make the farm almost reached a sterile environment. Significantly reduce the incidence of disease, increase the survival rate and growth rate of young poultry.

Ozone disinfection advantages: simple, efficient, wide range of disinfection. Use a Dino Purification’s DNA-20G ozone generator to disinfect (0-200 square) chicken houses, set the disinfection timer, it will disinfection automatically every day, convenient and practical.

Farmers master ozone disinfection technology, which can reduce the input of antibiotics, reduce production costs and improve product quality.







Post time: Jul-06-2019