Ozone disinfection technology improves safety standards for meat products

Ozone is an internationally recognized environmental disinfection and sterilization product. It has safe, high-efficiency, rapid and broad-spectrum characteristics. It is non-toxic, harmless, has no side effects, does not cause secondary pollution, and does not affect the appearance, taste and nutrition of meat products.

Meat-processed products are prone to economic losses due to the environment in the workshop, which causes the bacteria to grow and the food produced does not meet the standards. Meat processing is a relatively high standard, especially for cold food processing, which is particularly prone to microbial contamination.

1.Strict air disinfection of space, tools, changing rooms and packaging materials is required. Ozone disinfection of space is directly reaction with bacteria and viruses, destroying their organelles and DNA, RNA, destroying the metabolism of bacteria, finally killing it; ozone will be decomposed into oxygen after disinfection, no residue, no secondary pollution.

2.Using ozone generator to disinfect the workshop space through central air conditioner, the effect is obvious and the sterilization is thorough.

3.Soaking and rinsing the pipeline, production equipment and container with ozone water. The staff wash their hands with ozone water before work, which can prevent bacterial infection to a large extent.

4.Using ozone generator in the warehouse can prolong the shelf life of the food. Disinfection of the food transportation vehicle can prevent microbial growth, bacterial virus infection, and maintain the freshness of the food.

Ozone disinfection time can be separated from working time. Ozone generator has a long service life. Compared with other disinfection methods, ozone generator has the advantages of economy, convenience, practicability and high efficiency, which greatly reduces the cost of sterilization and improves production efficiency.


Post time: Jun-29-2019