Ozone Disinfection, Good Idea for School

There are several kinds of E. coli, bacteria and germs distributed in every corner in schools and kindergartens. Which may hurtful to the people’s health, especially children who are still underage have poor resistance and are more susceptible to bacterial infection. Therefore, schools must have a sense of prevention, do a good job in environmental sanitation, prevent students from being infected with bacteria, and protect students’ health.

Ozone sterilizer is a good idea to disinfect the school space environment and water. Ozone is a kind of gas with strong oxidizing property, which has strong oxidation reaction to bacteria and virus organic substances, destroying their organelles and DNA and RNA, finally kill bacterial death. After disinfection, it will break down into oxygen, and cause no secondary pollution. In school, classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, and sporting goods can be disinfected by ozone regularly to ensure a healthy environment.

Ozone sterilizer used in classroom:

School classrooms are densely populated, the environment is relatively closed and air is not circulating well. It is easy to cause various diseases such as influenza. In order to effectively prevent and control the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases, Ozone disinfection is a good choice. It is a disinfection technology with broad spectrum, high efficiency and high automation in the world. Compared with other disinfection technologies, ozone disinfection has no dead angle, no residue, environmental protection and high efficiency. Its bactericidal ability is 1.5 to 5 times to ultraviolet light, 1 time higher than chlorine. Timely disinfection with ozone generator every day, no manual operation, convenient and efficient, very suitable for school use.

Ozone sterilizer used in playground:

It can kill bacteria and viruses on the play equipment and kill bacteria and viruses produced on sporting goods.

Ozone sterilizer used in the library:

Large number of books and high circulation rate in library, which inevitably causes books to carry various types of bacteria. The ozone generator can disinfect books, kill most microbes and bacteria. At the same time, it can kill most of the book mites, allowing readers to read more confidently, so that books can be better preserved.

Ozone sterilizer used in Cafeteria:

1. Disinfect tableware

Soak the cleaned tableware with ozone water to kill the bacteria remaining in the tableware.

2. Preservation and detoxification of fruits and vegetables

Oxidation of ozone can decompose residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, and kill bacteria of fruits and vegetables, which can extend the shelf life.

3. Space air purification

Remove dust and various pollutants from the air, keep the air fresh and prevent the flu.

Ozone sterilizer used in dormitory, bathroom, toilet:

Air purification of the dormitory space, odor, smell, and kill bacteria and germs in the bathroom and toilet.


Post time: Jun-29-2019