How to use ozone generator for agricultural planting

Diseases and insect pests in agricultural greenhouses are an important factor affecting high yield. Since the greenhouse built for many years, it is difficult to rotate the crops, so that various pathogens in the soil accumulate year by year; Warm and high humidity of the greenhouse, lead to many pests and diseases can be propagated all year round; large difference temperature between day and night, promotes the formation of surface dewdrops, which is beneficial to the infection of pathogenic bacteria; the long-term unreasonable use of pesticides makes the pests resistant. Various diseases such as downy mildew, gray mold, powder disease, early blight, root rot, etc. often cause large losses of farmers.

Application of ozone generator in agricultural greenhouse cultivation

Edible fungus cultivation

The most troublesome thing about the cultivation of edible fungi is the inoculation process, once this part is infected with bacteria, it will cause great losses. In recent years, many edible fungi mechanical production companies have used ozone to disinfect the inoculation process and achieved very good results. Ozone used in edible fungus cultivation have many benefit.

(1) The inoculation space can be reach 100 grades of aseptic purification. The ozone sterilization ability is dozens of times that of chemical agents, and does not produce drug resistance, which can fundamentally solve the troubles of inoculation of mushroom farmers.

(2) Production of green and organic edible fungi. Ozone is recognized as a green disinfectant in the world for efficient sterilization without causing pesticide residues. Ozone (O3) is not an added chemical. It is an oxygen element gas formed by the activation of oxygen (O2) in the air. It is quickly reduced to oxygen after sterilization.

(3) Chemical agents not only cause agricultural disability, affect the health of the staff, also contusion of the vigor of the fungi. Ozone generator for air purification of edible fungus allows the stuff work healthily, let the edible fungi grow in a healthy environment, and make the people who eat the edible fungus healthier.

Seed treatment

Ozonated water can kill viruses, germs and eggs on the surface of seeds. In addition, low concentration of ozone treatment has a certain effect on promoting seed germination and growth.

Flower preservation

Ozone water which can be used for drip irrigation in greenhouses. Ozone drip irrigation can drive out algae in nutrient solution, and can also be used to kill germs in nutrient solution.

Fruit and vegetable cultivation 

Ozone is mixed with water through venturi injector or gas liquid mixing pump, which is widely used in greenhouse for vegetables and fruits. Ozone has obvious inactivation effect on all viruses, molds, protozoa and eggs, and can also inhibit pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Invasion and mass reproduction, ozone water can also have a good control effect on various diseases such as downy mildew, gray mold, powdery mildew, early blight, root rot, tomato bacterial wilt, pepper blight, etc. 

Post time: May-14-2019