How to deal with the outbreak of African swine fever?

Recently, dumplings produced by a food company in China have been tested positive for African swine fever virus nucleic acid, causing an uproar in society; People are scared of food safety. Pork food on the market is greatly affected, and the economic losses of farming users are greatly affected.

Prevention of epidemic sources, beware of African swine fever

The aquaculture industry is most afraid of disease. In terms of the most important preventive measures for aquaculture production, farms often only give routine prevention of vaccines and antibiotics to animals, but neglect to disinfect, sterilize and purify the air in the field. Harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from livestock manure and sewage are also one of the key factors in animal respiratory diseases and infectious diseases;

Drinking water for poultry: (such as well water, tap water, surface water) bacteria are also easily overlooked, but it is very likely to be fatal to livestock. There are many factors in the production of bacteria in the water, such as the water supply tower or the water supply pipeline is not cleaned for a long time, result in a film is produced on the inner wall which is a hotbed of bacteria. large quantities bacteria enter the water body; it may cause diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery in the livestock, the resistance poor can lead to death. The feces produced by diarrhea will have a large number of harmful bacteria and germs. The discharge will rapidly multiply in the pig house, which will increase the chances of other pigs getting sick.

How do you deal with it?

Ozone disinfection for farms is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and highly automated disinfection technology. Ozone will remove ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and odor by decomposed. At the same time, the E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Aspergillus, and Newcastle disease, Avian Influenza and other viruses in the field space are killed by oxidation; Ozonated water for poultry and livestock can change the intestinal micro-ecological environment of poultry, and also enhance the activity of starch secreted by beneficial bacteria, thereby reducing the incidence of digestive diseases and improving the utilization rate of feed nutrition, promote healthy growth and reduce feeding costs.

Reduced farming costs

Use ozone generator to disinfect and sterilize 40-60 minutes every day have lot of benefit:

Improve the air quality of the farm, then reduce

Significantly reduced the incidence of diseases

Improve the survival rate of young pig and growth is faster

Disinfection method is simple and efficient, using an DNA-20G ozone generator can disinfect (0-200 square) pig house, set up once a day for repeated use, do not need to operate every day, convenient and practical.

Farmers master the specific application technology of ozone, which can reduce the input of antibiotics, reduce production costs and improve product quality.

Post time: May-14-2019