How many hazards are there in the car, do you know?

car-ozone-generator-01.jpgSince the space of the car is relatively small and closed, there is always have a “special smell” inside the car, such as: musty, smoke, pets’ odor, disgusting, if the owner stay in this environment for a long time, there is high chance of suffering from a disease.


Where are the sources of these problems?

1.The release of all harmful substances from automobile’s parts and interior decoration materials causes air pollution. The pollutants are mainly including Toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, etc.

2. Air conditioning has not been cleaned and disinfected for a long time, causing the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

3. The emission of the automobile and environmental pollutants from the outside enter the vehicle, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

When the temperature rising, the material inside the car will increase the release of harmful substances, which will cause more damage to the human body.


What kind of harm does this pollution have on the human body?

1, Formaldehyde concentration higher than 0.08 mg/m3 stimulates the skin and mucous membranes, cause redness, itchy eyes, throat discomfort or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis and so on.

2, Due to the high volatility of benzene, exposure in the air is very easy spreading, human and animal contact with a large amount of benzene, can cause acute and chronic benzene poisoning, long-term inhalation will invade the human nervous system.

3, Toluene is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, and has an anesthetic effect on the central nervous system.

4, TVOC has a pungent odor, it is generally believed that TVOC can cause the body’s immune level imbalance, affecting the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, lethargy, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms, may also affect the digestive system.

Cars are used almost every day in people’s lives, so we need to use the correct disinfection method to reduce the harm of air pollution inside us.


Today, there are several disinfection methods for car:

1.Disinfectant disinfection, this method has a certain effect on general pollution, it is simple to use and low in price. However, It is easy to leave chemical residues may cause second pollution.

2.Steam sterilization, steam sterilization is a more traditional method of car air cleaning. Due to complicated operation and long sterilization time, it is not used much at present.

3.Activated carbon, activated carbon is a common adsorbent, which can adsorb formaldehyde and TVOC. The disadvantage is that it needs to be replaced frequently, which is more troublesome. What’s worse the activated carbon is saturated after adsorption, it will cause secondary pollution.

4.Ozone disinfection method, the car ozone generator produced by Dino Purification Co., Ltd. is specially designed for car sterilization. Ozone is a kind of high-efficiency and rapid fungicide, which can kill a variety of germs, viruses and microorganism.


Ozone disinfection mechanism

Ozone directly acts with bacteria and pollutants, destroying their organelles, DNA and RNA, destroying the metabolism of pollutants, killing bacteria and completely disinfecting the pollutants in the car.

Efficient ozone disinfection

The bactericidal effect of ozone is rapid. When ozone concentration exceeds a certain value, sterilization can be completed instant.

Safe and environmentally friendly

After disinfection and sterilization, ozone will break down into oxygen, leaving no residue in the environment. What’s more it can decompose harmful substances into non-toxic by-products, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.


How to use the car ozone generator:

Ozone disinfection operation is simpler and more efficient than other disinfection methods. Place the ozone machine near in the car, and transfer ozone into the car with the silicon tube along, turn on the ozone disinfection machine and air conditioner inside the car for 5- 10 minutes. After disinfection, there will be a little ozone smell, while ozone can be quickly decomposed into colorless and odorless oxygen, it is only need to open the window for few minutes, it will disappear.


Post time: Jun-03-2019