High safety requirements for foodstuffs

With the continuous development of the online shopping market, consumers are most concerned about the problem of food preservation compared to offline shopping. In the process of food transportation, it may cause corruption, or breed microorganisms, increase the risk of microbial contamination, in order to reduce these problems, disinfection with an ozone generator is a good choice.

Although freezing may kill some bacteria, but some pathogens are extremely resistant to low temperatures. Once the temperature rises, these bacteria will recover, especially in cooling rooms and refrigerated vehicles, which temperature is suitable growth of hypothermia, bacteria, molds and yeasts causes extensive damage to preserved foods. It is estimated that 30% of fresh products are discarded due to decay caused by microorganisms.

Safe and efficient ozone disinfection

Ozone is a gas sterilizer, low levels of gaseous ozone can prevent mold deterioration of many stored fresh products, including strawberries, tomatoes, grapes and plums. Increasing ozone concentration can reduce the occurrence of mold spores and reduce the damage to the fruit and vegetable. Fruit storage in low-concentration ozone for 8 days can reduce 95% of disease occurrence.

The mainly biological pollution source of the cold storage is mold, because it survives under low temperature conditions and has strong tolerance to disinfectants. Sterilize with ozone for 3-4 hours, all the ungerminated spores including the strong resistance were killed. Ozone-preserved fruits have a longer shelf life. At the same time, ozone can also remove odors in the cold storage.

Main aspects of ozone disinfection and sterilization in cold storage and fresh storage

1. Kill microorganisms and inhibit bacterial growth

2. Oxidize various odorous inorganic or organic substances

3. Oxidation of new metabolites, decomposition of ethylene released by fruits and vegetables, thereby inhibiting the metabolic process and greatly delaying fruit and vegetable ripening process, finally extending the shelf life.

The principle of ozone disinfection

  1. Acting on the cell membrane, increasing permeability of the cell membrane and outflow of intracellular substances, resulting in loss of vitality;
  2. Inactivate cell activity. These can be either basal metabolism or important components of synthetic cells;
  3. Destroy or disable the genetic material in the cytoplasm, first acting on the cell membrane, causing damage to the composition of the cell membrane, leading to metabolic disorders and inhibiting its growth. Ozone continues to penetrate and destroy the tissue inside the membrane until it dies.

Advantages of ozone disinfection equipment for cold storage sterilization:

Compared with ultraviolet ray sterilization, ozone has the characteristics of good diffusibility, uniform concentration, no dead angle. When the relative humidity is above 60%, ultraviolet sterilizing effect is drastically lowered, what’s worse, under 80% humidity, the bacteria may be revived. Normally, the humidity in the aquatic product processing workshop and the cold room is relatively high, and ozone is more active under high humidity, ozone generator is better option.

Post time: May-14-2019