Application of ozone generator in cosmetics factory

Cosmetics factories generally use traditional ultraviolet light to sterilize, which has many disadvantages. Ultraviolet rays only have a bactericidal effect when they are irradiated onto the surface of the object and reach a certain level of irradiation intensity. Cosmetics workshops are generally taller, resulting in far less ultraviolet radiation intensity, especially in the long distance. The irradiation produces a large dead angle. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization requires a long period of action. UV disinfection is no longer the main choice for disinfection in cosmetics factories.

As a new way of disinfection method to replace the traditional disinfection, ozone disinfection has no dead angle, fast sterilization, clean function, good deodorizing and purifying effect. The raw material is air or oxygen, and there is no secondary pollution.

Dino Purification’s DNA series industrial ozone generator is widely used in cosmetics workshops, food workshops and pharmaceutical workshops to disinfect the space environment and production water to ensure the safety and quality of products.

Applications of ozone generators in cosmetics plants:

1. Purify and disinfect the air in the workshop

Since cosmetics are chemical substances, it produces odors, dust and bacteria in the air, which need to be disinfected also. Ozone disinfection through the central air-conditioning system to fully disinfect the work space and air-conditioning ducts, which can prevent bacteria that may grow during long-term use of air conditioners. Because ozone is a kind of gas, it has the permeability to penetrate everywhere, no dead angle and fast disinfection. Choosing DNA series high-concentration ozone generator, which is convenient and efficient, the disinfected period is several minutes to ten minutes.

2. Disinfect the canned equipment and cosmetic containers

Due to the conversion of different types of products in the production process, the disinfection of canned equipment is very necessary. Whenever the materials are changed, the canned should be disinfected by ozone in time to avoid the use of clean water leave bacteria. It is efficiency and convenient.

3. Sterilize the surface of the object

The raw materials are brought into the workshop from the warehouse, the surface carries bacteria. Timely disinfection with ozone. Tools and other items used in the production process should also be disinfected frequently.

4, Disinfection of raw water

The ozone generator can sterilize and disinfect water thoroughly. It can degrade harmful components in water and remove impurities such as heavy metals and various organic substances, iron, manganese, sulfide, stupid, phenol, organic phosphorus and organic chlorine. , cyanide, etc., it can also deodorize and decolorize water, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. Disinfection of the water supply pipeline can prevent microbial growth in the pipeline and ensure water safety.

Through the above applications, ozone has played an important role in the production of cosmetics. Compared with other disinfection methods, ozone generator has the advantages of economy, convenience, practicability and high efficiency, which greatly reduces the cost of sterilization.



Post time: Jun-29-2019