आम्हाला निवडा

ओझोन जनक विशेष
  • आमच्या कारखान्यात

    16 Years Professional manufacturing ozone generator. 86 Exported countries. Over 1,000 square meters factory building . Over 11,000 ozone machines sold every year.
  • आमचे ध्येय

    आमचा उद्देश हमी कामगिरी पातळी आमच्या क्लायंट गुणवत्ता सर्वाधिक पातळी आहेस ओझोन मशीन राज्य प्रदान आहे.
  • Our Vision

    To be the preferred ozone generator provider.

कंपनी बद्दल

आम्हाला आपण बहरते!

Founded in 2007, Dino Purification is an ozone equipment & application solutions supplier and committed to providing ozone solutions for global users.

After several years development and innovation, Dino Purification has become China’s famous ozone generator manufacturer and established its leading technology and brand advantages. Especially in the field of commercial kitchen ventilation grease and odor control, Dino Purification has always been in leading position.

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