Hydroponic Farming oxygen nano bubble generator waste water treatment

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ModelDINO-750FDINO-1100FDINO-1500FDINO-1900FDINO-4000FDimensions635 (W) X 300 (D) X 400 (H) mm1010(L) X 400 (D) X700 (H) mmWeightApprox. 25KgApprox. 30KgApprox. 35KgApprox. 55KgApprox. 65KgInlet/Outlet connector13mm (1/2”) /13mm (1/2”) Dia19mm(3/4”) /19 mm (3/4”) Dia2...

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Model DINO-750F DINO-1100F DINO-1500F DINO-1900F DINO-4000F
Dimensions 635 (W) X 300 (D) X 400 (H) mm 1010(L) X 400 (D) X700 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 25Kg Approx. 30Kg Approx. 35Kg Approx. 55Kg Approx. 65Kg
Inlet/Outlet connector 13mm (1/2”) /13mm (1/2”) Dia 19mm(3/4”) /19 mm (3/4”) Dia 25mm(1”) /19 mm (3/4”) Dia 25mm(1”) /25 mm (1”) Dia 32mm(11/4”) /25 mm (1”) Dia
Power Supply Single phase* 220V*50HZ 3 phase* 415V*50HZ
Power consumption 1hp (0.75KW) 1.5hp (1.1KW) 2.0hp (1.5KW) 2.5hp (1.7KW) 5.0hp (4.0KW)
Principle of Bubble Generation Pressurized Dissolutions Method (PDM)
Water temperature 5 to 60 deg C
Bubble Size 50nm – 250nm (80%)
Water type Fresh n Marine Fresh n Marine Fresh Water n Marine Fresh Water / Marine water Fresh Water n Marine
Auto Backwash Yes Auto BackWash With Self recovery Yes Auto BackWash w/Self Recovery Auto BackWash With Self recovery
Output* 1.0 m3/hr 2.0 m3/hr 3.8 m3/hr 4.0 m3/hr 8.0 to 10 m3/hr
Gas Type Air/Oxygen/Ozone
Material Body SS304 & SS316

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