DPD Dissolved Ozone Concentration Test Agent

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DPD Dissolved Ozone Concentration Test AgentSpecificationsBrandDino PurificationNameDissolved ozone test kitColor ReactionNon-pinkMeasuring range0.05-1mg/L or 0.05-10mg/LPacking50units/boxShelf lifeTwo yearsFeatureConvenient to use. Light weight and small size, suitable f...

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DPD Dissolved Ozone Concentration Test Agent


Brand Dino Purification Name Dissolved ozone test kit
Color Reaction Non-pink Measuring range 0.05-1mg/L or 0.05-10mg/L
Packing 50units/box Shelf life Two years


Convenient to use. Light weight and small size, suitable for detection on site, and minimize the errors caused by long transportation; Standardized operation, and minimized manual errors; Real-time monitoring of ozone concentration in production process.

Accurate Measuring:

Scientific formulation, special techniques, and strict quality control; Research and development conducted under international standards and methods; Produced from imported materials, including color agent, buffer agent, spiking agent, and covering agent; Standardized precise colorimetric cards specialized for colorimetric tubes; Double layers aluminum foil, preventing moisture and light.

Guide to use:

1. Take out tube, measure about 15ml water sample into tube, add one pack of reagent I and close tube with lid, then smoothly shake up.

2. After 2 minutes, add reagent II, close the tube and shake up again.

3. Then open the tube and put tube above the color chart, viewing sample from top to bottom and comparing sample color with color chart, same color result is showing proportion of ozone.


1) The PH of the testing liquid must be controlled between 5.0-8.0, and temperature of testing liquid 10-25ºC.

2) Other oxidant in testing liquid will affect the result.

3) Finish the color comparison step within 5 minutes after adding the reagent.

Fields of Application

Household drinking water and water sources, surface water, aquaculture water, irrigation water, seawater, household and industrial waste water. 

Various industries involving large amount of water require frequent water testing, and the controlling of water quality to meet the different standards. In the case of water deterioration, water tests must be conducted immediately, so measures can be taken accordingly, to prevent serious consequences.

The testing packs are very convenient for on-site operation, and can satisfactorily meet the requirements in various industries.



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